Escape Room

Rage Scale

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  • Origin: 13/25
  • Story: 4/25
  • Camera/SFX: 22/25
  • Performance: 19/25

Movie Info

Six strangers are given mysterious black boxes with tickets to an immersive escape room for a chance to win tons of money. Being locked in several rooms with extreme conditions, they discover the secrets behind the escape room and must fight to survive and to find a way out.

  • Rated: PG-13 (Some terror, action and violence)
  • Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Thriller
  • Directed by: Adam Robitel
  • Written by: Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik
  • Release date: 4th January, 2019 (Wide)
  • Length: 100 minutesĀ 
  • Studio: Columbia Pictures



Taylor Russell Zoey Davis
Logan Miller Ben Miller
Jay Ellis Jason Walker
Tyler Labine Mike Nolan
Deborah Ann Well Amanda Harper
Nik Dodani Danny Khan
Yorick van Wageningen Games Master WooTan Yu

Rage Reviews

Origin: 13/25

It was an interesting idea that didn’t follow through. Some things seemed a bit outrageous, like the very deep water in the wood cabin area, there is no way anything that deep wouldn’t be noticed by authorities or might not even be possible. I liked all the puzzles and riddles, the mystery made it interesting to watch. It had great potential but it fell short.

Story: 4/25

This was a very weird narrative, somethings felt pointless and the villain is underwhelming. The only good thing was that it was intense at times, like the first room and the upside down room. However once they got past a few rooms I started to relax and easily predicted what would happen. I found that the secret organisation was a cop out, they could have been more creative, rather than thinking about how to make more films out of it.

Camera/SFX: 22/25

The best bit about this film was the shots, they really added to the tensity. The upside down room was cleverly done, I really felt the disorientation that the room would have given the characters. The effects were good also, the cabin room again had the best CGI, the drop was big and was very intense.

Performance: 19/25

There were some cheesy lines in this film, Taylor Russell at the start was out of place, her lines seemed forced. However she did bring it back when the intensity started. The best two were Logan Miller and Deborah Ann Well, they grasped their character really well, their emotions were true and I did feel their struggle. The cast did well with what they had, the story wasted their talents, next time I hope they think about context more.

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