Childs Play

Rage Scale

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  • Origin: 20/25
  • Story: 13/25
  • Camera/SFX: 17/25
  • Performance: 18/25

Movie Info

The serial killer Charles Lee Ray is on the run from the police. After being shot he transfers his life force into a child’s doll, thanks to voodoo magic, everyone thinks that he died and moves on. That very same doll is unknowingly purchased by Karen Barclay for her son Andy Barclay. Now free to roam once again, Chucky as he is now known, starts to kill those who have wronged him.

  • Rated: R (Adult language and violence)
  • Genre: Horror and Thriller
  • Directed by: Tom Holland
  • Written by: Don Mancini, Tom Holland and John Lafia
  • Release date: 9th November, 1988 (Wide)
  • Length: 95 minutes 
  • Studio: United Artists



Catherine Hicks Karen Barclay
Chris Sarandon Mike Norris
Alex Vincent Andy Barclay
Brad Dourif Charles Lee Ray/Chucky (Voice)
Dinah Manoff Maggie Peterson
Tommy Swerdlow Jack Santos
Neil Giuntoli Eddie Caputo

Rage Reviews

Origin: 21/25

An insightful and cool idea that has sparked many sequels. The idea of voodoo plays a big role in the film and without it there would be no Chucky. Even with the magic they still keep it close to reality, which I like, It allows for bigger risks due to there being no magic spells they can just use to get rid of him. It was a great hit in its time, however maybe not for the right reasons. The character Chucky is more laughable than scary and should rather be an action comedy. I feel as though they lose the aspect of what makes a doll scary to people, they never played with that idea, they instead try to show how a little doll can go on a killing spree. They should have used the eeriness of the doll to create moments of tension and keep us from seeing the full Chucky until further into the film.

Story: 13/25

The narrative was a bit of a mess, you could tell that the director wanted to get straight into the action and let Chucky reek havoc. I liked the idea of having Chucky hunt for Andy because he was the first person he told his secret to, but theres no real way for a voodoo curse to know that you told someone. He could have just found some dude and done the spell on him. It was ok at times, but seemed to try and extend the film to get a larger runtime. I just felt some scenes didn’t need to be there or they were to long, for example, Chucky took a very long time to kill Mike Norris and failed in the end, whereas he successfully killed everyone else, just because he was a main they let him live. It made the scene extra long and it could have just been a mugging type situation.

Camera/SFX: 17/25

Some weird effects were happening in this film, Maggie Patersons death needed improvement. it was obvious it was a dummy and they could have used a better shot to hide the fact it was a fake body.

Also stuff like car chases were low budget, backgrounds weren’t that convincing. However, Chucky looked really good, when he moved it still looked doll like and actually made him look creepy. Most shots were good and allowed me to see just enough of Chucky, without ruining the illusion.

Performance: 18/25

Great effort Brad Dourif for making Chucky stand out as his own character. Not a scary character to me, but maybe to a few, he was more humorous and made it rememberable with his funny one liners. However most other actors had corny lines and seemed to be out of the loop when it came to delivering. Catherine Hicks gave a great performance though, she was a protective mother determined to not let Chucky get Andy. I felt the script wasn’t the best, many character felt left out and need more screen time. Alex Vincent did well for his age, he coped with the pressure and gave some convincing scenes, obviously being a child meant he did lose track at some points, but that can be forgiven. There weren’t any Oscar winning moments and so it was more of a filler film for when you need some entertainment.

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