The OA

Rage Scale

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Season 1 rating: 89/100

Season 2 rating: 96/100

TV Series Info

Seven years after vanishing from her home, a young woman returns with mysterious new abilities and recruits five strangers for a secret mission.



Brit Marling Prairie Johnson/OA/Nina Azarova Season 1 and 2
Emory Cohen Homer Season 1 and 2
Patrick Gibson Steve Winchell Season 1 and 2
Jason Isaacs Dr. Hunter Aloysius ‘Hap’ Percy Season 1 and 2
Ian Alexander Buck Vu Season 1 and 2
Phyllis Smith Betty Broderick-Allen Season 1 and 2
Brendan Meyer Jesse Season 1 and 2
Brandon Perea Alfonso ‘French’ Sosa Season 1 and 2
Will Brill Scott Brown Season 1 and 2
Sharon Van Etten Rachel Season 1 and 2
Kingsley Ben-Adir Karim Washington Season 2

Rage Reviews

Season 1

Origin: 22/25

Mysterious and full of wonder, the lore and theories that this series produces is endless. What I’ve heard is that the series is based off of true stories and maybe some novels. It expands on the idea of parallel universes that I know many people think about. It gets us interested in what is possible and how we get there. For example the ritual dance know as the ‘movements’ are very well thought out and each move is representing the transfer of life.

Story: 22/25

A very tense narrative from start to finish, it sparked a lot of questions, which kept you watching. It also left a lot of unanswered question, like how some things even make sense or why some characters do what they do. I must admit that this was a gripping story, that can do so much more to make it better. I felt that the story could have been over quicker, but they added scenes just to make time.

Camera/SFX: 21/25

Dark and gloomy, this was very well shot, with angles that compliment the actors and set. Scenes like when they get drowned over and over again are shot head on, this gives us the brutal torture that they are going through. I loved the camera work on the ‘movement’ scenes, they really amplify the effect of this dance and make it seem magical, the quick change to different characters all doing the same moves gave me chills. I’m still looking for something to totally wow me, or something that I find clever or genius.

Performance: 24/25

Brit Marling is great for the main role as OA, she shows confidence and has seemed to understood what role she plays in the series. She acts as a guide for audience members, as sometimes watchers may get confused. Jason Issacs, who plays ‘Hap’ is an cruel man that plays him so well, he is calm and collected, even when having to torture people.

Season 2

Origin: 24/25

New things like the mystery of the house and the mystery of Nina Azarova made this season more interesting to watch. You get to solve problems that the character faces, its more of a murder mystery without the murder. The new characters that each actor transfers into is refreshing, they all have to adapt to their new life. It was also nice to see that the other characters from the first earth had an impact on the other earth (Try not to get confused), by the end they all joined together on a cliffhanger. It suggests that other factors play a role in traveling through different universes, we have more to discover.

Story: 24/25

A big improve from the first season, as an audience member you feel more involved. Theres a lot more mystery solving, especially with the house, they give you something to focus on and it keeps the interest up. This change also allows for questions from the previous season to be answered, without giving lots away. By the end of this season I felt more satisfied and had some real things to get excited about for the next season.

Camera/SFX: 24/25

Some of this shows best effects and camera shots so far happen in the mystery house. Each challenges gives something fresh that thrills and sparks the imagination. The CGI for the robots at the end was good, they flowed with the ‘movement’ and looked very realistic, it seems they are stepping up what they have as CGI, maybe in future seasons there will be a lot more?

Performance: 24/25

Kingsley Ben-Adir was a great addition to the cast, he gave us a new face to follow that wasn’t mythical being, jut an ordinary Personal Investigator. Another good performance from Brit Marling, controlling a Russian accent can be quite hard, especially when jumping from one character to another. Overall, all the actors that played two roles did well to keep their old characters personality without compromising the new the character they were in.

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