Rage Scale

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Season 1 rating: 49/100

TV Series Info

A woman survives a heart transplant and begins to develop different personality traits.



Sivan Alyra Rose Sasha Yazzie Season 1
Marcus LaVoi Big Frank Yazzie Season 1
Nicholas Galitzine Elliot Lefevre Season 1
Kyanna Simone Simpson Yvonne Season 1
Griffin Powel-Arcand TJ Locklear Season 1
Lilli Kay Penelope Fowler Season 1
Uma Thurman Nancy Lefevre Season 1
Tony Goldwyn Ben Lefevre Season 1
Lilliya Scarlett Reid Becky Lefevre Season 1
Sarah Mezzanotte Marnie Season 1
Lili Taylor Ruth Pezim Season 1

Rage Reviews

Season 1

Origin: 10/25

Dealing with dark magic and evil can be a tricky situation, Chambers I believe doesn’t go the right way about it. Firstly it takes to long to get us to any proper moments of evil and leaves you confused of why somethings are happening. The concept is great though, having the soul of another person slowly take over your body is quite frightening. It just hasn’t been properly explained and just goes complete supernatural right at the end.

Story: 8/25

A horror series that wasn’t that scary and was underwhelming. I felt that the episodes were dragged and I just wanted to get to the end and find out out what happens. You end up getting bored with the family conflicts and arguments and just skip to when Sasha makes any progression with her darkness. The few tense moments that were in the series didn’t last long. By the end of this season I felt like most of it was a waste of time and made me more confused than before. Another thing is that its never that easy to remove someone from your body just be simply dreaming you killed them.

Camera/SFX: 15/25

Probably the best thing about this series so far is the effects, they do create some good tense moments with lighting and sound. Also the dark magic stuff can be quite convincing. However, you just feel that its disconnected from the show and just tries to force and reaction out of watchers.

Performance: 16/25

A fresh cast had lot of pressure with this production, Sivan Alyra Rose does a good job at playing a split personality and being possessed. Uma Thurman has still got the talent and does wonderfully at playing Nancy, sadly most other cast members aren’t at their level and scripts aren’t up to scratch.

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