Game of Thrones

Rage Scale

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Season 1 rating: 91/100

Season 2 rating: 92/100

Season 3 rating: 93/100

Season 4 rating: 96/100

Season 5 rating: 97/100

Season 6 rating: 98/100

Season 7 rating: 98/100

Season 8 rating: 96/100

TV Series Info

An adaptation of author George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” medieval fantasies about power struggles among the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.



Peter Dinklage Tyrion Lannister Season 1 to 8
Lena Headley Cersei Lannister Season 1 to 8
Emilia Clarke Daenerys Targaryan Season 1 to 8
Kit Harrington Jon Snow Season 1 to 8
Sophie Turner Sansa Stark Season 1 to 8
Maisie Williams Arya Stark Season 1 to 8
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Jaime Lannister Season 1 to 8
Isaac Hempstead Wright Bran Stark Season 1 to 8
Iain Glen Jorah Mormont Season 1 to 8

Rage Reviews

Season 1

Origin: 24/25

The world of Westeros is a big and beautiful one, George R. R. Martin’s books are very similar to the TV adaptation. The characters look mostly like they should and locations are done very well and are a key part of the story telling. With rich lore and characters, you easily fall into the culture and history before you even start watching more of the show, its utterly brilliant.

Story: 22/25

An interesting, but slow start to the franchise. it had lots of details to cover and plenty of characters to show. I did like how it started with the mystery of the White Walkers, but once that was over it took awhile to pick up pace because there was a lot of character building and interactions. This show builds up characters and connection to the audience and then destroys it, this makes deaths and other conflicts harder to bear and keeps you tense at every moments.

Camera/SFX: 21/25

Simple and straight to the point, theres nothing wrong with that, but to stand out from other shows like Lord of the Rings it is important to make a statement. There are some rememberable moments though, like when (Spoiler) Ned Stark was beheaded, they didn’t film the gruesome moment but it snaps to his daughter Arya who is watching, the sound and look of her face says it all and creates a last impression.

Performance: 24/25

An excellent cast that brings the fire that this show needs, my favourite from season 1 is obviously Sean Bean, you quickly like the character and feel his pain and struggle, this makes (Spoiler) his death even more heartbreaking. The younger cast do well to keep up with the pros and make it a great series to watch.

Season 2

Origin: 24/25

After the success of the first season, the lore and history of Westeros expanded further, with the help of the books. It was great to more of other areas in the famous locations and start to see more of places like Bravos. You see more and more of the mysteries of the seven kingdoms and start to become a fanatic.

Story: 22/25

This was a series to be taken seriously, the stakes got higher and the narrative was intense. Knowing that you can never follow a character for too long without them dying meant you had to be on your toes. Now with the war starting, the dynamic totally changes and we see another side to Game of Thrones, as well as the dialogue we get some very good action scenes.

Camera/SFX: 22/25

With the arrival of bigger battles the production crew do well to make them look clean and keep us in the loop. You start to see improvements in the way they shoot things and the quality of effects that are shown. I love the shots they used on intimate moments, they gave us just enough for chemistry to be seen, they manage to show bonds between character very well.

Performance: 24/25

Michelle Fairley was a favourite of mine in this season, she was strong and lead from the front in her scenes. She was perfectly cast and is a great mother figure to her children in the series. With the loss of Ned Stark, many fans looked to their next favourite Rob Stark to take the mantle and Richard Madden doesn’t disappoint either, showing strength as well as honour, he embodies him very well.

Season 3

Origin: 24/25

The rich culture is outstanding, there is so much thought gone into the series that it will take you awhile to read all about it. Including Dawn into the fold as well as getting to see more over seas made this world even bigger and better. We learn more about the city of Bravos and the other cities across the sea, I feel that this story isn’t just confined to Westeros, which is a good thing.

Story: 23/25

This is where they absolutely shocked watchers and made a huge statement on the industry. This season had a strong narrative that the characters worked so hard to achieve their goals and then by the end, they were brutally murdered at the red wedding. Now once again people had to look for someone new to follow, thankfully there are plenty of cast to get behind. 

Camera/SFX: 22/25

With gore and other things, the effects had to step up. They made things like the Red Wedding look convincing and they made the Daenery’s Dothraki look fearsome and barbaric. Every costume and design looks unique to the culture and it looks very convincing. The Dragons are looking much better than before, the effects team have done a great job at making them look realistic.

Performance: 24/25

Its sad to see Michelle and Richard go, but as characters they did their job at making us go on a journey and feel everything with them. The younger cast are now taking a more forward roll, we get to bond with them more and follow their journeys. Peter Dinklage has a strong personalty, it fits the character so well, we are blessed to have such a great actor.

Season 4

Origin: 25/25

What I liked most about this season was that they weren’t afraid to explore, lost creatures like this giants and they did well to include them into the story. Seeing more magic was good also, we got to understand the Lord of the light and the ancient magic that he can grant.

Story: 24/25

Things are heating up in the north, with Jon seeing more and more signs of the White Walkers and with Theon Greyjoy causing trouble. Across the sea we get to see the dragons grow and Daenerys improves as a character, a strong women who fights for the slaves.

Camera/SFX: 23/25

Big improvements with CGI as the Wildlings attack the stunning wall and the Nights Watch is faced against very realistic giants. With that and the White Walkers, they do very well to make them unique and not loose its realism. This season was all about taking bigger leaps with the effects, the dragons are now bigger and so need to be in top form; which they are. The battle of the Wildlings is shot beautifully and is one of my favourite fights to date.

Performance: 24/25

Kit Harrington comes into his own more in this season as he has to decide between the Free Folk and his duty at the Nights Watch. But the best and the most saddest to see go is Ygritte, who is played by Rose Leslie. She stood out by far and kept Jon Snow on his toes, and she is the reason we have a great slogan for Jon. Her death scene was done amazingly and it made me really hate Olly.

Season 5

Origin: 25/25

With Westeros becoming more and more hectic, the writers and crew have done a great job at keeping true to the lore. They still have time to give us more rich history of the lands, whilst still moving the story along. Obliviously there will be a few things different from the books, but lucky they don’t alter the outcome of anything and only true fans will pick up on them.

Story: 24/25

A new character is introduced, the High Sparrow is totally different from the rest of the big bass because he slowly makes his way up the food chain. He uses faith to mould people and get his beliefs into the Great Sept of Baelor. We are so used to blood shed that this tactical move makes it even more shocking and unbelievably awesome. Another great shocker is that they used a beloved character (Jon Snow) as a cliffhanger, he is betrayed by some of the Nights Watch and is left for dead. Game of Thrones has never left us waiting on a death before, meaning theres more to the story of Jon Snow.

Camera/SFX: 24/25

The dragons are looking stunning, the shear size of them now is awesome. Every scale is convincing, every movement is precise and even the shadows are well done. Jon Snow’s death scene was cleverly shot, we got a good angle to see each stab as his comrades betrayed him. Make-up was on point and Cersei Lannister looked so different with her hair cut off.

Performance: 24/25

I loved the character interactions with people that met for the first time, Tyrion and Daenerys was one. It seemed to click straight away and made the story arc overseas even better. All the cast were great, Arya is starting to come into her own as she starts to explore the many faced God. Maisie William plays her so well, her character has improved the most out of any of the cast, she’s engaging and interesting.

Season 6

Origin: 25/25

We get to see more magic in this season as Jon Snow is revived. The Lord of the Light is mentioned a lot in the world of Westeros and the writers do well to weave them into the narrative. We see more lore and culture across the sea in Bravos and Essos, even Dawn gets more time to shine. I feel we haven’t had enough time to learn about Dawn, it is one of the seven kingdoms and the writers hardly go there. Especially in later seasons where they completely forget about them.

Story: 24/25

The way they managed to get Jon to leave the Nights Watch was very clever and meant that crucial characters could reunite once again (Just not in this season). The big new bad, Ramsey Bolton is the complete opposite of Jon Snow and makes a great opponent. With a wild threat in the North, the writers cleverly used a more silent villain in the south, the High Sparrow makes his way to power and shows what George R. R. Martin means when even the religious battles for power. I loved the dynamic of each story, it was never the same and it allowed you to love multiple characters, even though they could murder each other. The Battle of the Bastards is one of my favourite episodes, the way the battle unfolds is poetic and the journey is breathtaking. It also gives a little fan service as the Starks get to return home. 

Camera/SFX: 24/25

One of the best battles I’ve ever seen on TV, the Battle of the Bastards takes you a journey, getting a third person perspective of the action as Jon Snow wades through the chaos. The CGI is at its best, the horses and the army look realistic and each swing looks like a brutal struggle to win. Just that one episode made this season awesome. Oh and RIP Wun Wun, the last giant in Game of Thrones (Supposedly).

Performance: 25/25

Ramsey Bolton made a statement and raised the bar high for villains. You hated the character, but at the same time had respect for his methods as he is a smart man. He was that calculated he changed the personality of Theon Greyjoy from big ego to scared man. Cersei was another character that stood out as she removed the High Sparrow from existence, without lifting a finger. Her drive is empowering and makes her a very strong character.

Season 7

Origin: 25/25

Now that the Dragons have crossed the seas with Daenerys, we get too see more of Dragonstone, which gives us more insight into the history and it makes the whole world more immersive. With Brans 3 Eyed Raven was a very interesting concept and was executed very well in the series. They know how to tease information to us (Aegon Targaryen).

Story: 23/25

The first concern was the amount of episodes, there are only 6, which meant narrative was rushed to get to goals. This doesn’t fit the formula as many stories and characters have taken their time to improve and go places, it made for better character development and story telling. Thankfully, the quality wasn’t affected too much by the episode change.

Camera/SFX: 25/25

Another great dragon battle that was exciting to watch. The camera shots were good, that moment with Jaime when he tries to charge Drogon was intense, and then to have Bronn jump in broke the tension. They kept quality high and they really cared about how scenes looked.

Performance: 25/25

Throughout all the seasons, Rory McCann has never disappointed with his portrayal of the Hound. The character is funny and blunt, and he goes through a life changing experience when he almost dies to Brienne of Tarth. There are few characters that keep that illusion going. John Bradley is another one of those, ever since season 1 when we fell in love with the fat defenceless Samwell Tarly, he has been character to believe in and know he will stick to his morals.

Season 8

Origin: 25/25

What more can I say, everything was there, the dragons, the rich lore, the interesting characters that helped give me a better picture of Westeros. I got completely lost in this world and never wanted to leave. Every location had something special to me and I wish there was more to watch.

Story: 21/25

This is what happens when you cut the season down to 6 episodes, It didn’t work. The whole narrative felt rushed, the Night King was built up for so long that when he arrived it was over so quickly because the writers weren’t committed to seeing the show through with 10 quality seasons. The character arcs were still good and I had not many problems with the ending, rather than Jon didn’t have to go back to the Wall because one its pointless and two, Greyworm left with the unsullied so they will never know about it.

Camera/SFX: 25/25

The fight against the Night King was intense. The cover of darkness made it extra thrilling and the massive hordes of the undead made it epic. Even the dragon battle was awesome, the backdrop especially when they were above the clouds and the moon was shining bright, beautiful. They used dark and light very well, once the Night King died the music and lighting got softer and you could feel yourself calming down with relief. The destruction at King Landing was also devastating, the fire was everywhere and the innocent people had no chance of survival.

Performance: 25/25

Congratulations to the whole cast for putting 100% into this series. I love Game of Thrones and as a fan, I am happy with how it was performed and have fallen in love with many characters. It will be one of my favourite TV series’s that I will ever see.

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