The Boys

Rage Scale

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Season 1 rating: 88/100

TV Series Info

When a Supe kills the love of his life, A/V salesman Hughie Campbell teams up with Billy Butcher, a vigilante hell-bent on punishing corrupt Supes — and Hughie’s life will never be the same again.



Karl Urban Billy Butcher Season 1
Jack Quaid Hughie Campbell Season 1
Antony Starr Homelander Season 1
Erin Moriarty Starlight Season 1
Dominique McElligott Queen Maeve Season 1
Jessie T. Usher A-Train Season 1
Laz Alonso Mother’s Milk Season 1
Chace Crawford The Deep Season 1
Tomer Capon Frenchie Season 1
Karen Fukuhara The Female Season 1
Nathan Mitchell Black Noir Season 1
Elisabeth Shue Madelyn Stillwell Season 1

Rage Reviews

Season 1

Origin: 22/25

This has been the superhero TV series I have been waiting for, ever since Watchmen the film. The interesting twist of how Supes get their powers was a nice touch that made it stand out. I’m glad they kept what made the Boys comic series so good and they even made it better in some ways.

Story: 20/25

It wasn’t just the fact that this TV series was a fresh new take on the superhero genre, but that it tackles topics and events that can be hard to get right. I loved how they turned the perspective around, that being the superheroes are the villains and the humans are the heroes. Each episode gave us something more, there were no pointless episodes. There were scenes I wish they didn’t rush and characters that didn’t get the right story arc for their character. 

They managed to surprise me at many moments, but not all, there was some predictable moments. Like Billy Butcher finding out his wife is still alive. But I think they sorts of things were necessary to make sure the story made sense and had some good payoffs. 

Camera/SFX: 24/25

The overall look of the series was good, it had clever backdrops that added realism to the scenes. The CGI was okay, the budget might have not been enough to make it completely convincing. But it was enough to make it look epic. There was definitely tense action scenes that made this series even better. Even the more one on one scenes had good character development.

Performance: 22/25

Karl Urban was fantastic as Billy Butcher, the angry no nonsense attitude made for many funny and serious moments. Also, using Jack Quaid to balance Billy out was a good idea because it humanised the actions the group was taking. Each gang member had something to give, Frenchie and Mother’s Milk felt important to the story even though they weren’t the main characters. It was a weird and wonderful cast that I hoping can keep up the energy for the next season.

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